Turn Your Holiday Card into a Gift

 Transform your marketing budget as a donation. 

Will you send a greeting card to clients, vendors and colleagues in December?

This year, consider re-directing the money for the holiday card to a nonprofit organization that needs your support.

  • Pick one that aligns with your profession, perhaps an art museum for a graphic designer or a legal assistance group for an attorney.
  • Select a hospital in recognition of the tremendous efforts by its staff to care for COVID-19 patients, like my mother.
  • How about that park or botanical garden where you refreshed yourself in nature after a long day working from home?

Any and all donations will be welcomed by the nonprofit group, which is struggling to meet increased demand for services with lower income.

This Month’s Tip

Send a holiday e-card to your many contacts. A simple text conveys greetings for the holiday season, plus the note that you have made a donation to Nonprofit Group in their name, in appreciation of your relationship.


You may recall that my seasonal greeting is a Holiday Haiku. It highlights my skill as a writer and was cited as distinctive. If you want your e-card to stand out, contact me at Janet@JanetLFalk.com , set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770. Together, we’ll find inspiration for a seventeen-syllable poem or other poetic greeting. 

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