Holiday Haiku

I have sent a holiday haiku as an e-card to clients, colleagues and contacts since 2009.

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If a similarly customized holiday greeting appeals to you, please contact me at or 212.677.5770.

Evening performance:
Bustling wind, frantic snowflakes
Peaceful, smiling moon.

Sending warmest of wishes to you, your family and your team.
In appreciation of the clients and colleagues who made this year my best ever, I have made donations to nonprofits in New York and Chicago that support educational opportunities for young women.
Here’s to the magic of the holiday season and the excitement of the new year 2022.

How dark was this year,
Clouded by illness and loss.
Welcome, sun of hope.

With warm thoughts for your personal health, your family and your team.
In thanks for the wonderful care of my mother, age 90, who recovered from COVID-19, I have made a donation to a local hospital.
Consider how you may acknowledge your appreciation of clients and partners in collaboration with a donation to a nonprofit organization, as we all look ahead to a brighter 2021.

All faiths celebrate
Winter solstice traditions.
Light reclaims the dark.

Are you glad or sad to see 2019 end?
Did it bring new clients, new successes or new struggles?
Together, let’s make 2020 memorable.
Here’s to the promise of the New Year.

Sing a song of snow.
A white coat gently glistens
and brings joyful peace.

Soon 2018 will be a memory, of wins and losses, lessons learned and workshops taught.
Here’s to following new paths, to your success and to the promise of the New Year.

In the dark of night
A sudden glimpse of bright light
Sparks joy in my heart.

Thanks to your support, 2017 was one of my best years in business.
May you gather strength from your success and climb ever higher in the months ahead.

This card was cited by PR Daily as one of its top PR holiday greeting cards as a lesson of keep it short and sweet.

In the wintry dark
Stars sing brilliant melodies.
Hope and joy for all.

Olympics, elections and my busted foot. Let’s put 2016 in a box, share the warmth of the holiday season and dance ahead to a new year.
Here’s to your success in 2017.

Snow blankets the street
A cushion of sweet silence.
Peace, all the way home.

May the warmth of the holiday season fill your heart.
To your success in 2016. Cheers!

Ring in the New Year!
Peace, love, music, art, snowflakes.
Share them everywhere.

Another memorable year!
Let’s celebrate the spirit of the holiday season.
Here’s to success in 2015.

Tall, from a distance,
Snowy tree stands in silence
My heart fills with peace.

What a year this has been!
With warm wishes for the holiday season
and for success in 2014.

Snowflake, dance with me
Raise arms to the winter sky
Embrace the moment.

Wishing you, your team and your clients
a joyous season and
ever more success in 2013.

As candles flicker,
Moonbeams glide past the snowman
In gentle rhythm.

With warm wishes for the holiday season
and for growth and success in 2012.

The New Year’s promise:
hope, joy, peace, love, memories
and gentle snowflakes.

Have an even more successful 2011.

The quiet magic
brought by the first winter snow
inspires and awes.

Wishing you, your team and your family
a joyous season and
ever more success in the New Year.