The Five W’s About Janet L. Falk

Who: Janet L. Falk, Ph.D., 30+ years experience in Public Relations and Marketing Communications for law firm, Wall Street, business and nonprofit. Speak, read and write Spanish with native fluency. Get by in French.

What: Advise attorneys, business owners and consultants on Strategy for news coverage and revenue growth. Packages and custom services available.

When: Complimentary 30-minute Strategic Communication Session. I GUARANTEE TWO IDEAS. Book an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770.

Where: New York City base, with local, national and international clients.

Why: Are you your own plumber? Probably not. Let me take the weight of the world of Communications off your shoulders, so you can focus on running your practice or business.

These articles, podcasts and videos provide insights into best practices in Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

About my logo:

The letter F is embedded in an octagon.
I’m not a round peg nor a square one.
I’m an octagonal peg.
I don’t fit the mold of focusing on only one industry or profession.

This helps you, because I’m an outsider. My approach considers the perspectives of the many people sitting around the table of your marketplace.

Call 212.677.5770, email or book an appointment here to see how an octagonal peg might fit into your world.

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