Team Up to Improve Your Client’s Marketing RBI

 Here are FIVE ways you can help promote your client’s business for a win-win. 

You may recall I’ve written about your Marketing RBI, which has five essential activities:

  1. Networking
  2. Speaking
  3. Writing
  4. Being active in the trade association of your target market
  5. Digital presence

Consider how you might team up with a client in mutually beneficial ways when you perform these activities together:

  1. Networking: Invite a client to a networking group. Email her three-sentence bio to the members in advance, paving the way for more productive conversations.
  2. Speaking: Develop a joint presentation, perhaps a case study, to the client’s trade association or professional membership group. You put the client in the spotlight and make her look brilliant in front of her peers and competitors — who are your prospective customers. 
  3. Writing: Propose and co-author an article for a newsletter or publication in the client’s industry.
  4. Trade Association: Introduce the client to your trade association or another industry group. For example, a graphic designer might invite a copywriter to an event held by a local design organization, where she will meet other professionals who may be potential collaborators and referral sources.
  5. Digital presence: Write a recommendation for the client’s website and LinkedIn profile. Comment on his LinkedIn posts and share his other social media activity. 

Strengthening the relationship with the client is the immediate outcome. Equally important is helping the client burnish her standing in the industry by speaking and writing to her peers, as well as expanding her circle of contacts.

This Month’s Tip

Thank the client and celebrate. When you speak at an event or write an article, acknowledge the shared success. Post a summary as an update on LinkedIn, with a link to the article or the event announcement. You may also mention your article and presentation in your newsletter, again, thanking the client. When you attend the networking event or the trade association’s program, take photos that feature you and the client. Both of you can post the snapshots to your social media accounts.


Two can play the Marketing game better than one. Which client would make the best partner for one (or more) of these five marketing tactics? Contact me at , set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770, Let’s pick a teammate and get on the scoreboard. 

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Image credit: RBI Baseball Academy