Time to Improve Your Marketing RBI

Here are five essential ways to promote your business.

According to author and consultant David A. Fields, there are FIVE Marketing Musts for consultants who want to build their visibility — and these also apply to any individual and organization:

  1. Networking
  2. Speaking
  3. Writing
  4. Trade Association
  5. Digital Presence

Consider which approaches are most comfortable for you — and which will be most effective in reaching your target market.

Set a goal of participating in these marketing activities every month — and track your progress to evaluate your success.

In June, for example, I attended four weekly networking meetings of one group; two monthly networking events of other groups; one monthly networking lunch; one networking social; and a series of four weekly workshops, as well as two annual networking dinners.

In the speaking category, I gave 10-minute presentations at two of the networking groups, plus one 60-minute presentation at a colleague’s class of entrepreneurs.

As for writing, I composed my monthly newsletter, plus published an article in a monthly trade magazine.

Turning to trade associations, I gave a 75-minute presentation to a group of attorneys who are potential clients.

Finally, in expanding my digital presence, I posted links to the article and newsletter on my website, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, plus mention of the trade association presentation on LinkedIn following the event.

Looks like I batted over .300 for the month. How about you?

This Month’s Tip

Here’s where you can publish your timely insights to fish where the fish are:

  • Write an essay for the industry publications your potential clients read.
  • Contact a colleague who has a blog and offer a guest post.
  • Maybe it’s time to launch your own quarterly (or monthly) newsletter, if you don’t have one.
  • Consider a post on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Wherever you publish, extend the reach beyond the standard readers; promote the article, column or post on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, as appropriate.


Are you ready to step up to the plate? Let’s consider which of these five marketing tactics are most suitable for you and your business. Contact me at 212.677.5770, set an appointment here or email me at janet@janetlfalk.com. Let’s play ball.

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