Your Garden of Media Relations

Clear, plant and cultivate. Then distribute.

Have you ever compared gardening to media relations?

In the case of a garden, you prepare the plot of land, clearing out the rocks and weeds.

  • In the case of your organization, you pare down everything and develop a succinct message.

Next, you draw the borderlines and prepare rows where you will place the seeds.

  • You define your target audiences and the media outlets that will reach them, and then assemble a list of reporters.

Now it’s time to plant the seedlings.

  • You distribute a press release, media profile or pitch letter that will grab the journalists’ attention.

You assiduously water the plants.

  • You conduct appropriate follow-up and keep in touch with the reporters.

Time passes. Then, one day, the garden blooms.

  • The news story is published in a prestigious industry magazine.

It can appear overnight — or it can take days and months.

What a thrill to know you made it happen!

This Month’s Tip

Now, it’s up to you to propagate the news story you’ve placed by sharing it everywhere you can. Don’t trust that the wind (social media) will carry the seedlings (news coverage) of its own accord. As the gardener, you have to play an active role. Root around for ideas and find fertile ground to plant them.

    • 1. Start with a summary or comment on the article and then link to the actual article on your company or organization’s website;
      2. Include the summary and link in your email signature;
      3. Refer to it on your individual profile and company/organization page on LinkedIn, plus Facebook page(s);
      4. Pose a question in LinkedIn groups and on Twitter to which the article is the answer, perhaps “How do leaders manage stress?”;
      5. Write a case study for the website;
      6. Contribute an article to the company or organization newsletter, both internal and external;
      7. Offer to write an article on a similar topic for an industry publication;
      8. Conduct a workshop on the issue;
      9. Speak on a panel, perhaps with a client;
      10. Record a podcast or video.


How does your garden grow? What’s the state of your media relations activities? Let’s discuss ways to cultivate your media contacts. Call me at 212.677.5770, set an appointment here or email me at

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