Take Marketing Off the Back Burner (7 in a series of 10)

 Use Photos to Tell Your Story

A picture captures the eye of the reader and enhances your words.

In these tough times, I hope that you, your family and your team are focused on what matters.

During this interim period of uncertainty (May 2020), you may revisit and re-purpose past projects.

Focus on those Marketing initiatives sitting on the back burner. Use a photo to re-cast content and breathe new life into that material.

This is the seventh in a series of tips that help you to continue promoting your services. If your marketing activity sits on the back burner, like this tea kettle, move it to the front.

Almost every piece of content can be reconfigured in a new format (print, audio, video). In this new mode, and in its promotion, consider including a photograph for greater visual interest. 

Knowing that viewers respond more strongly to photos on websites and brochures, find ways to incorporate snapshots. “Our brains process visuals faster, and we are more engaged when we see faces,” states a report from the Media Psychology Research Center.

Who might be in the photo?
you talk with a client or colleague
a workshop participant speaks with you
visitors to your location (who have signed a release form)
a distinguished guest, among others.

Keep a digital camera handy; you never know when the camera-ready moment will strike. Afterwards, follow-up and share the fleeting memory with those in the shot.

Periodically, review the photos you have used in the past, to ensure they are still relevant and consistent with the messages you wish to convey.assess the photos currently in use, plus guide you to include others in the future.

How Your Photo Can Attract 3,000 People

Make the Most of Your Event Photos

There may be an occasion when it is NOT appropriate to use a photo. As an attorney, for example, when your client is the plaintiff, it may not be in her best interest to have her face in the news. In that case, tell the reporters covering the news story, No Photos, Please.

Here are all the resources on one sheet.


If the viewer’s eye is drawn to photos, what happens when there are no people in the picture? The world’s most popular radio station is WII-FM, namely What’s In It For Me. If a visitor to your website do NOT see someone in a featured photo, how will she identify with the activity or solution that is discussed?

Compare the pairs of locations depicted here, some with people and others with no one, and then consider which place YOU might visit.

Here’s the list of the 10 articles in this series


Is it time to refresh your photo collection? Contact me at Janet@JanetLFalk.com , set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770. Let’s review your snapshots and consider adding more visuals to your content.

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Image Credit: Omar Rodriguez