Your FREEBIE is Valuable to Your Prospects

A giveaway delivers contact information to potential clients.

Are you looking for a way to get prospective clients interested in learning more about your services?

Many websites offer a FREE giveaway to engage with potential clients. These FREEBIES might be an informative Top 10 Tips, a checklist or a quiz, available in exchange for an email address (perhaps also a mailing address and phone number). The prospect is emailed a link to a document that may be downloaded from the website. Or there may be a link to a podcast recording or video.

The more your giveaway aligns with the needs of your target market, the more likely prospects will sign up to receive the FREEBIE.

The giveaway features insights or guidance, as well as your email address, phone number and website URL for subsequent contact, on an appropriate sheet bearing your logo and branded design.

You can add the contact’s information to your database, then plan for subsequent follow-up with a phone call or an invitation to an event. Or you may subscribe them to your email newsletter, because email is the most effective way to engage customers.

The marketing term of art for this giveaway is a lead magnet. Digital marketing professionals calculate that placing a lead magnet on a website may convert into leads up to 25% of all visitors who would otherwise abandon a website.

The most frequently offered giveaways are:

  • Articles that explain how to do an activity
  • Best practices to DO
  • Best practices to NOT DO
  • Calendar
  • Top 10 Tips
  • Worksheet

Where on your website might you place the offer of the giveaway? On the home page and on any other relevant pages. Or a pop-up that appears thirty seconds or longer after a prospect lands on the website. (The delay gives the visitor time to confirm that this is indeed the website and the resource she was seeking.)

There are standard web forms to request a giveaway that can easily be incorporated into your website. When setting them up, be sure to include a thank you to the prospect for requesting the material. Also, you may indicate the best way to keep in touch if there are questions regarding the content.

When you receive notification that someone has requested the giveaway, schedule a time to follow-up by email or phone in order to learn about the situation, need or problem of the prospective client.

This Month’s Tip

Your giveaway can keep on giving. Once prospects receive the link to the giveaway, or download the freebie, it is easy for them to share it with their colleagues and other contacts. This results in a wider distribution. Even if you may not know where the giveaway has been sent, by using a link shorten-er, you can track the number of subsequent clicks.


What inspiring ideas or tested tips might you share to get prospective clients interested in learning more about your services? Contact me at , set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770. Let’s create your giveaway and give it a go.

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