Connect (and Re-Connect) with Members of Your Networking Groups

How? Subscribe, Share, Co-author, Ask and Introduce.

You probably are a member of several professional membership organizations and formal networking groups.

How do you interact with these colleagues on a one-on-one basis between meetings?

Start by connecting with each one on LinkedIn; also consider Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, as appropriate.

Plus, remember the informal and virtual groups you’ve joined – the same approach applies.

Here are 11 ways to strengthen your ties to the members — individually and within the group:

  1. Subscribe to (read and comment on) their newsletters – and invite them to subscribe to yours;
  2. Notify them of potential clients seeking resources and services;
  3. Share opportunities to submit articles for publication and speak to reporters;
  4. Co-author an article in an industry publication;
  5. Ask them about best practices that you can reference in an article, newsletter or LinkedIn essay; acknowledge their suggestions with links to their websites.
  6. Comment meaningfully on their LinkedIn posts and articles;
  7. Introduce them to other contacts who have an aligned interest;
  8. Send an announcement of an event or webinar, article or podcast;
  9. Schedule a get-acquainted chat or a periodic check-in phone call to consider how you might help each other;
  10. Encourage them to host your workshop for their contacts to learn and network;
  11. Invite them to attend your speaking engagements.

This Month’s Tip

Make a list of your professional membership organizations, networking groups, LinkedIn groups and other communities. Peruse the membership directory and cross-check those names in your LinkedIn network. If you are not yet connected, compose a connection request to introduce yourself, citing your mutual association. (Note: I am currently engaged in this outreach with a 90-member virtual group; about one-half have accepted my invitation.)

When you are already connected on LinkedIn, and it has been a while since your last interaction, get a meaningful conversation started using these prompts.



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