Take Marketing Off the Back Burner (5 in a series of 10)

 Tap Your Network

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge among the contacts who already know you.

In these times, I hope that you, your family and your team are moving ahead with new plans.

During this interim period of uncertainty (April 2020), you may find there is more time for projects that have stalled in the past.

Focus on those Marketing initiatives sitting on the back burner. Re-connecting with contacts in your network will strengthen your mutual ties and, perhaps, provide new insights and perspectives from colleagues in diverse sectors.

This is the fifth in a series of tips that help you to continue promoting your services.

You probably have 5,000 contacts in your circles:

  • Members of networking groups and professional membership organizations
  • Colleagues at current and prior employers
  • Professionals who were on the same side of a project or the other side of a deal
  • LinkedIn connections of recent and long-ago vintage
  • Vendors and consultants
  • People who attended college or graduate school with you
  • Plus that stack of business cards

Here’s how to find them: Your Gold Mine of 5,000 Contacts.

Consider which of these individuals you know best and re-connect with them. A phone call might brighten their work-from-home day; even a voice mail message will be a welcome pause.

Invite them to a casual conversation; as you catch up, offer a mutual brainstorming session.

Share experiences and insights that might spark ideas.

In this informal exchange, you will both see things from another’s vantage point.

Perhaps this conversation will open up a new possibility.

It may unearth a potential client base or even an obstacle you had overlooked.

The following discussions serve as a starting point for ways that you and those in your circles may collaborate and informally advise each other.

Grasp the Hidden Power in Your Networking Group 

Connect (and Re-Connect) with Members of Your Networking Groups

Turn Your Networking Inside Out

Networking Towards the King

Here are all the resources on one sheet.


It’s Give and Take, not Take and Give. Networking works best when you think about others and reach out to assist them. Accordingly, offer to be a resource to the people you know. Set aside time every day to make a phone call or two that will get a conversation started. Suggest an introduction to someone of potential mutual interest. Ask for some advice. Put the ball in play and see where it leads.

Here’s the list of the 10 articles in this series


Are you searching  for a reason to reach out to these contacts? It can be as simple as Your name came to mind in a review of LinkedIn connections and I thought to check in. Or, Your name came up in a conversation with someone looking for a ____ (profession). Contact me at Janet@JanetLFalk.com, set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770.  Let’s peruse your list of contacts and start smiling and dialing.

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(This discussion has been lightly edited for updated content.)
Image Credit: Omar Rodriguez