Action-oriented Articles Prompt Smith Barney Clients to Call Financial Advisors

StatementDialogues, a customized newsletter that financial advisors of Smith Barney ordered for their clients, featured four articles on diverse personal financial planning topics. I drafted more than 50 evergreen articles. These basic and timeless introductory nuggets were designed to prompt the reader to call or meet with their financial advisor to discuss the issues, themes and products described. The tone was open, informative and nominally pedagogical. With a maximum length of 195, 325 or 600 words, the financial advisor would mix and match articles selected from the catalog, consistent with the newsletter layout (two short, one medium, one long), either thematically linked (IRA) or on assorted topics (College, Estate, Mortgage).

When technical information needs to be accessible to the reader, especially about personal finance, snappy headlines with eye-catching phrases can make the difference and engage the client.