Make Your News Story Idea a Birthday Gift

With a topic, source and testimonial, the article writes itself.

Reporters are always looking for subjects that will play well on the world-renowned radio station, WII-FM.

You listen to it also: What’s In It For Me?

Take the approach of identifying an issue or problem that you see among your clients.

Develop your idea and find a third party to corroborate your solution.

Or highlight a trend you observe in your industry or locale, plus a referral source who will confirm your insight.

For example:

A client bought out their partner and sought to re-name and re-brand the company to reflect the new ownership. You would discuss the key questions that commonly arise in this circumstance, along with the solution you created to address an unexpected wrinkle in the process.

Ask your client Amy Anderson to contribute an anecdote of how you resolved the issues for her newly named company.

Problem. Solution. Testimonial.

It all comes together in a package, gift-wrapped and with a shiny ribbon. The reporter hardly has to perform any work to write up the story.

This Month’s Tip

Here are three questions to get you started. Which problem have you recently solved for a client? Which referral source would make a good partner to package a story idea? Which reporter at an industry newsletter or a local business magazine is likely to open your gift for a news article? Start brainstorming from any of these points of departure and see where you land.


Let’s assemble the elements of Problem/Solution/Testimonial or Trend/Insight/Confirmation for your birthday gift of an idea. Contact me at, set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770. Together we’ll wrap it all up, with a beautiful bow.

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