Is Your Client List Scannable?


 Show your industry expertise and make it easy to find familiar names.

Your website displays a list of clients demonstrating your experience in a specific industry or situation.

Think about the reader who arrives at your website and reviews the list.

She wants to make sure you can solve her problem because you have worked with others in the same field or have managed a similar issue recently.

Make it easy for the reader to confirm you are the professional she seeks.

List your clients in a way that showcases your successes in the industry.

Prove that you can satisfy that nagging need.

For example, an accountant in a beach resort community highlights her small retail business clients; they serve the same market and experience the same seasonality of revenue:

  • amusement parks
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • souvenir shops.

In contrast, a graphic designer focuses on types of projects:

  • brochures
  • business cards and stationery
  • logos
  • website designs.

Within each category, the accountant and designer cite the actual clients, in alphabetical order, so the reader can easily find a name that is familiar.

Don’t simply assemble the entire list of names by alphabetical order or the chronological order in which you began working together.

This Month’s Tip

Take the reader by the hand and guide them through the list by using categories. Don’t make them scour the list in search of a name that aligns with their business or problem.

Now, imagine you are a pediatric dentist looking for a marketing consultant to promote your newly opened practice. Two marketers post their client lists on their websites. Review these lists, alphabetical and categorized, and see which one appeals to you:

Brown Heart InstituteNatural and Organic
City Historical MuseumNatural Health Consultants
City HotelNeighborhood News Magazine
Dad’s Wine CellarOkinawa Sushi
Dynamic Dance TroupeParent Monthly
Eastern BreweryPediatric Center
Kevin’s KitchenPierogis and Pasta
Local Wine BarRobertson Resort
Metropolitan MagazineState Film Festival
Mountain InnTony’s Hideaway
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
City Historical MuseumBrown Heart Institute
Dynamic Dance TroupeNatural Health Consultant
State Film FestivalPediatric Center
Dad's Wine CellarCity Hotel
Eastern Brewery Mountain Inn
Local Wine Bar
Robertson Resort
DININGTony’s Hideaway
Kevin’s KitchenMEDIA
Natural and Organic Metropolitan Magazine
Okinawa SushiNeighborhood News Magazine
Pierogis and PastaParent Monthly

As a pediatric dentist, which marketing consultant displaying these clients has the experience you seek?

I would contact the person with the categorized list. It shows she has worked in health and wellness, including children’s health, plus she is connected to a parent magazine.

Sadly, that relevant experience is obscured by the bars, restaurants and hotels in the alphabetical list.


Which of the two examples does your client list resemble: alphabetical or categorized? When a reader scans your list for a certain industry or problem in their business, will they find it right away? Let’s review your client list and find the best way to display your experience. Contact me at , set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770. Together we’ll re-organize the names or projects of your clients, making the list scannable for website visitors, and, perhaps, viewers of your LinkedIn profile. 

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This discussion was prompted by the client list on the website of a networking contact. I wrote a LinkedIn post about it in January 2021, without naming the site. The website owner thanked me and promised to update it soon. Sadly, there is no change as of September 2021. Take note of that example.