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Attorneys find mentions in the media helpful in attracting interest to their area of practice and in putting pressure on opposing counsel.

Online News Story Sparks Same-Day Settlement Phone Call from Defendant’s Attorney

To achieve progress on a sexual harassment case, the law firm Katz Melinger asked me to prepare a press release about the lawsuit and conduct media outreach. The goal was to put pressure on the attorneys representing the hosts and management of a top-rated cable television show, its production company and the network on which the show aired.

Broadcasting&Cable logoA leading broadcasting industry magazine published an article on its website. Perhaps advertisers, who are often skittish that adverse publicity might affect them also, contacted the network to voice their displeasure with this news.

In less than five hours, the attorney for a defendant contacted Katz Melinger.

Sometimes attorneys in a litigation case need to motivate opposing counsel representing a business. When unfavorable news stories lead that company’s customers to voice their concern and dismay about business practices, it often prompts defense counsel to respond.

Attorney Speaks to CNBC on Presidential Candidate’s Proposal

CNBC_logo.svgPresidential candidate John McCain announced on the morning of June 23, 2008 that he would create a national competition to promote research on alternative automobile batteries.

Attorney James Greenberger had co-chaired a conference on the subject of alternative automobile batteries the month before; I asked him what he thought of McCain’s proposal and the state of industry research.

After quickly developing a snappy pitch, positioning Greenberger as an expert, I contacted auto industry reporters, a group I had not previously targeted. I presented him as a source on the hot topic.

He appeared on CNBC that afternoon.

Watch mid-morning news headlines for topics that related to your industry. Afternoon and evening news reporters may need sources to comment on those stories.