Use SWOT Analysis as a Platform for Media Outreach

Conduct competitive research for inspiration, then fill in the gaps.

Here’s a non-traditional use of the familiar SWOT analysis of: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.

Apply it to your media outreach.

Look at your competitors and find when they have successfully garnered media attention.

Then compare that activity to where you have had similar results generating news stories and reporter interest in your business.

Start by conducting an online search for some competitors and take note of the topics in focus.

Were these news stories about trends in the industry or views of the big picture? Are you prepared to address these issues and look in your crystal ball?

Are the articles about client projects? Which success stories would you like to share as case studies to attract more business?

Did your competitors describe best practices or lessons learned? Which tips and tricks would you offer?

Next, assemble the names of the publications and the individual reporters.

Do you subscribe to and read these news outlets so you can keep up with industry and local news? Do you follow the news stories, and social media accounts, of the journalists who mentioned your competitors?

Gather the results of this analysis to develop your game plan. Take steps to address the gaps you identified so you will be the one reporters call.

This Month’s Tip

Are you on reporters’ lists of sources? Reporters call the people they know. Perhaps you have missed out on being included in some articles because they are not aware you are a potential source on those topics.

Plan to introduce yourself to the relevant business and industry reporters at the local newspaper, city/regional business magazine and industry newsletter serving your target market. Use the sample Media Profile in this e-book. Next, you’ll learn how to find their email addresses.

Ask clients if they are willing to be featured in case studies and examples of lessons learned. Focus on anecdotes of how you solved problems or increased sales and profits.

Soon, you will be the one reporters call.


Now that you’ve identified the areas where you may have fallen short of your competitors, let’s step up to fill the gaps. Contact me at, book an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770. Together, we’ll brainstorm topics, trends, case studies and best practices that will be newsworthy.

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This discussion was inspired by Kathleen Lessman’s blog post