22 Tips for Attending a Conference (Part 2 of 2)

How to maximize your conference follow-up.

Congratulations on a successful conference, where you implemented some of my tips in advance or at the event.

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You gained new insights into the industry that will help you grow your business.
You had meaningful conversations with a few potential clients and referral sources.
You re-connected with colleagues and friends.
You gave away branded items from your company, plus you collected a healthy stack of business cards, along with some neat items from the exhibitors.

Now it’s back to your desk and computer to follow up with the new contacts you made and send them the items and introductions you promised.

After the Conference

  1. Assemble the business cards of those you met and review the notes you made on the back. Send each of these new connections an email, perhaps using the template below as a model. Include the article or newsletter you mentioned that may interest them, as promised.
  2. Connect with the attendees you met at breakfast and lunch. Take a look at their website/latest newsletter/recent article and comment on that. Suggest something related to your conversation or pose a question that invites a response.
  3. Write up your notes and key takeaways from the sessions as individual posts on LinkedIn, or other social media. Tag the speaker, for example: @PatWhite. If you gathered a lot of ideas, write a longer post or article that combines highlights of all the panels.
  4. Send each panelist an email including the link to your social media post. Note the steps you were inspired to take based on their remarks. Start a conversation by asking for their opinion or advice.
  5. Review the photos you took and send them to the people you met.
  6. Congratulate the conference organizers on a great event. Share some positive or constructive feedback on your experience.
  7. Go to LinkedIn and invite the contacts you made to connect with you there (or on another social media platform where you both are active).
  8. Set calendar reminders to follow-up with the new contacts of greatest interest. Add the names of the members in the directory who you identified as from your local area or as potential collaborators and referral sources.

This Month’s Tip

This email template is easily customized. Be inspired by the possible topics and slots to insert specific references to follow up with each person you met.

Subject line: Great meeting you at Name of Conference

It was great to meet you at the Name of Coference and learn about your business focused on __.

I visited your website and noticed __.

Remembering our conversation about __, this (article, newsletter, podcast, video) discusses __and may be worthwhile. Do let me know what you think.

You mentioned you are interested in __. If you are not already acquainted with my colleague (link to website), I’m happy to introduce you.

If you’d like to keep in touch on a regular basis, please subscribe to my newsletter/blog here (link).

Of course, I’m happy to receive yours as well.

Shall we connect on LinkedIn? (link)

Looking forward to continuing our conversation. Please let me know how I might be helpful to you.


Signature block


Networking is all about the follow up; these tips will make it easy to re-connect when you return from the meeting. Contact me at Janet@JanetLFalk.com , set an appointment here or call me at 212.677.5770.Together we’ll draft a warm reminder of the conversations you had at the conference and build on these nascent relationships for the future. 

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(This discussion has been lightly edited for updated content.)

Image credit: Mattia Di Tommaso