About Janet L. Falk

You might be a round peg and someone else might be a square peg. Me, I’m an octagonal peg. I don’t fit the mold that others do.

Here’s what this means for you and your law practice, business, financial services firm or consultancy: I have the perspective of an outsider and see the point of pain of the person sitting on the other side of your table.

Together, we draft text to explain how your service, program or product will help that client or prospect Save Time, Save Money, Make More Money or Get More JOY Out of Life.

You’ll see that my experience — with law firms, accounting firms, businesses, Wall Street corporations and consultants — will help me focus new attention and shape your successful communication campaign.

Let’s figure out who your audiences are. I’ll devise ways to get in front of them and make a difference in the media, public relations and marketing communications plan to get opposing counsel to contact you about a settlement, grow your business or be top of mind with referral sources.

Call 212.677.5770 or email Janet@JanetLFalk.com to see how an octagonal peg might fit your business plan.